What does the stock market and flea markets have in common?

Think of the stock market as nothing more than a ‘flea market’? Not sure if you all know what a flea market is, but I’m gonna run with it. Well, if you’re at the flea market on Saturday morning, you know it’s all based on supply and demand. You know, the little old lady selling the used coffee wants supply the coffee pot to you at the worth of what she thinks your demand is. You also want to demand that coffee pot at the lowest price possible. The coffee pot is stock from the stock market, that’s how it works.


So, what is a stock? Think of it this way, have you ever worked for a corporation? Stock is your own fraction ownership of that corporation. Your stock earning or profits tend to go the way of the stock behavior, if it thrives, your share grows, but if it plummets, your profit could dwindle. This is the risk we take, so you have to have a stock market strategy. I’ll talk about this a bit later. Basically, the more shares you own, the more you can be heard. This also depends on the stock category, common or preferred…