Review: Blunotes Restaurant – Music & Food

Blunotes Restaurant in Charlotte, NC may be the hottest live jazz, live blues and New Orleans Cuisine spot in the city. Both shows were sold out yesterday… The Peace and Love Band was played both shows. Check out their link.


Restaurant: Venue, Staff and Food

  1. The venue is pretty amazing, spacious, a mature atmosphere, excellent people watching, new facility, plenty of parking, 2 shows (one at 7p, one at 10p)
  2. The staff (waitresses) was very knowledgeable, ‘easy on the eye’ and very thorough, even though the place was packed, both shows were sold out
  3. The menu was pretty big, with gumbo, jambalaya & shrimp and grits.
  4. The food: I ordered the Cajun shrimp, crab mac and cheese & collards with sweet tea. The Cajun shrimp and mac/cheese was good, but the collards were just ok, tasted different than my moms SC recipe, maybe I’m just bias

Music: Peace & Love Band

  1. The band sounded amazing, even though there were sound issues. I believe the house insisted on using their own sound man and equipment
  2. Check out the link above, Peace and Love is one to keep an eye on


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