I had to pick up a new language

Being an engineer, I have to deal with different cultures on a daily basis. Whether I’m traveling abroad or just on that 8:30 pm conference call communicating with subcontractors, partners, suppliers or customers, I’ve realized that communication is key. It’s just like when you’re in a relationship, communication is everything. A Native Chinese business associate recommended that I pick up Chinese to help with my development along the career path. I was skeptical at first, I didn’t really have time to learn another language. After he mentioned it about 10 times, I picked up the program. I only did this because my buddy was native Chinese and knew some other colleagues who also used the program and benefitted from the experience.


Well, there were things that worked well and some things that could be improved about the program. I’ll start with some of the things that could be improved. Some of the translational phrases didn’t sound as we would say them, a couple just didn’t sound grammatically proper. This is an area I felt could be improved. The in-depth grammatical advanced detail was not present, but the basic foundation to cover beginners needs was definitely there. Any questions were answered in the forum, but I probably didn’t participate enough in the forum to get the full experience. I think there’s more to be desired from the forum. Some of the positive points were the dashboard, this was clear and user-friendly. The class structure and navigation was spot on. The setup is not cluttered, you won’t be intimidated by the amounts presented, it was very absorbable. The learning was as if I was having a conversation with a teacher, an interactive approach that will accommodate you at your schedule. You can also download the audio and use it while you work out. I also enjoyed the inclusion of the cultural component, you know, the customs, traditions. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this to a novice, anyone who has never spoken Chinese.

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