Ever wondered if you should invest in a company or not?

Yeah, that was perplexing to me in the beginning also. I would think, I am always buying this particular cleaning product. This product was always in my favorite dollar store. So one day, I decided to figure it out. I’ll make this easy for you. You just need a simple strategy.

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  1. First, understand that publicly traded companies on the stock market, must disclose all of their financial information to the public
  2. This means you can see the companies performance history, future expectations and all their financial data, these are your indicators
  3. This will tell you if the stock is worth buying
  4. Now recognize what’s in it for the company. They sell you stock in order to raise capital for their company. If they sale 500,000 shares at $2, they just raised $1,000.000.00. If the company re-invests this money into its people, overhead, etc.., there’s a good chance your shares of stock will increase in value and bring you a profit, yeah you, the investor