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What does the stock market and flea markets have in common?

Think of the stock market as nothing more than a ‘flea market’? Not sure if you all know what a flea market is, but I’m gonna run with it. Well, if you’re at the flea market on Saturday morning, you know it’s all based on supply and demand. You know, the little old lady selling the used coffee wants supply the coffee pot to you at the worth of what she thinks your demand is. You also want to demand that coffee pot at the lowest price possible. The coffee pot is stock from the stock market, that’s how it works.


So, what is a stock? Think of it this way, have you ever worked for a corporation? Stock is your own fraction ownership of that corporation. Your stock earning or profits tend to go the way of the stock behavior, if it thrives, your share grows, but if it plummets, your profit could dwindle. This is the risk we take, so you have to have a stock market strategy. I’ll talk about this a bit later. Basically, the more shares you own, the more you can be heard. This also depends on the stock category, common or preferred…


Unsigned Gem of The Week

This kid out of Atlanta, Andre Tyrone, r&b crooner is lit and may be the next one.

I don’t know a lot about him, but I heard the music. I don’t vouch for many, but check him out.

Andre Tyrone


You can find more of these artists at



Another Venue Shooting

We talked about the venue cancellations due to the New York shooting at the rap concert. Now there has been another shooting in Orlando. The first things I thought of was about the innocent bystanders. I also digressed per thoughts back to the cost of security and how venue entertainment insurance costs will become amplified in the future.

OrlandoShooting_061216 DesertTree_41844328_l_Master_090515

Without a doubt, the lives lost are the most important dynamic of these stories, but I predict security and insurance will become premiere topics.

I say this because, we may need security forces at the mall while we shop in the future.

What do you think?

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Money Market Accounts & Savings Accounts, What’s the Difference?

Per a money market account, you will probably cash in on a higher interest rate, though you may have to contribute a few more dollars to open an account. Look at it this way, this is more money accrued for your pocket.


Always read the fine print before opening any account. So, I digress, both regular savings accounts and money markets do offer great security and quick liquidity.

Lately traditional savings accounts got hip to the higher interest rates and decided to compete with the money market. They changed their name to ‘high yield savings accounts’.

You ask how can regular savings accounts do this, well, a lot of these banks are getting rid of tellers, brick and mortar, etc…, you get what I’m saying. Their passing the savings on to you.

So, if you’re not ready for stocks, mutual funds, eft’s, hedge-funds, etc…, you can start with one of these high interest accounts. Again, read the fine print, the minimum balances on some of these accounts vary.

Check this link for more securities (Other financial ways to make $) information