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Is the used car you want a lemon or a solid buy? Let’s talk used car inspection

Now, recently I was interested in purchasing another sports car. It was getting close to my birthday and I had been eyeing this car for years. So, I decided to take the methodical route. Nah, I didn’t plan on taking my uncle to the dealership for brash negotiation, but I decided to use an inspection guide to give me feedback on this particular vehicle. So, the problem was to determine if this car would be a good buy or not.


Initially, I questioned this inspection guide, because it was missing the bells and whistles from the view of the cover. I was also, not really impressed by the formatting. But when I opened it and reviewed the content, it covered the basics of how to use the guide. The layout is basic but very functional. This guide was created by a certified ASE automotive professional. This says a lot in the automotive world.

I also liked how he detailed his ‘tip’ sections. These are keys to listening and feeling out your new potential vehicle during rides or walks around the vehicle as it is running. As an automotive engineer, I really appreciated his 4 main focal point about the vehicle, the interior, exterior, under the hood and the underbody. His detail about ‘Body Panel Alignment’ is very important, the average used car purchaser is usually not aware that mis-alignments normally mean wreck or accident damage that should not be looked over, especially if it’s near the powertrain.

I highly recommend this inspection guide to anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle.

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Ever had automobile air conditioning trouble in the summertime?

I think we’ve all had a problem or two with our car a/c units before. I was out yesterday helping a sweet old lady with her a/c unit issue, I had to put my automotive engineering degree to use. When it’s very hot outside, this is not a fun experience. So, let me pay it forward for you. Here are some things you can be mindful of this hot summer, whether you have an a/c unit now or not.


First, if you feel your car not cooling of quick enough on a 95 degree day, you should call your mechanic or shade-tree mechanic and schedule an appointment for them to take a look at it. Your a/c unit may need refueling (Remember R-134 refrigerant is the new qualified brand, if your system is set for the old R-12, you may need to retrofit your system).

If your unit is not blowing or you only feel hot air coming from your a/c unit, check the following (How it’s supposed to work):

  1. Your a/c unit is made of a compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve
  2. The refrigerant is compressed in the compressor (hot gas), hot gas turns to liquid state in condenser, then returns to expansion valve where it goes to low- pressure state where it is rapidly cooled in the evaporator
  3. Now your fan blows cool air into your car

Here’s what you do:

  1. If you are familiar there is nothing is jamming the condenser, this normally is located near the radiator
  2. Look for any loose wiring around the condenser or a/c unit components
  3. Review all engine belts, they should not be loose, detached or shredded, this could be a big issue
  4. If your fan or fan speed is an issue, you will need to check the circuit, maybe replace the resistor. If the fan is not actuating properly, your mechanic will need to review this

Hope this helps and was not too detailed, I generally speak in engineering language.

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